FIERCENESS (polymexina) wrote in yogapractice,

beginner question

hey guys --

this is my first post here. i'm sorry if maybe this is a silly question.

i just had my first class in bikram yoga, where they heat the room to 105 degrees and do 26 forms. the instructor said you might experience mild nausea/headache after the first class. however, i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what "mild" means in this case. like, i just threw up, and i'm still woozy/lightheaded/headachy even though class was about 8 hrs ago.

is this my body saying "i veto" very strongly, as in this is not the type of yoga for me? or is this within the range of normal?

i enjoyed class itself, but couldn't manage the walk home. definitely took a bus.

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