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Recent Essays

The One We Love is Not the One We Love
Often times when in a deeply loving relationship, it may be discovered that one is in love with the self-projections one places upon the other, instead of the reality of the person you are in love with.

Mind is the Magician which creates Your universe.
When we learn to step back, and observe the mind, our manifestation-machine comes under conscious control. What we wish to manifest then becomes a choice of consciousness. Instead of drawing to us all the results of unconscious patterning, we instead are able to create in our lives the choices and results which we want.

Consciousness and Energy in the Individual and World
There are techniques to self-observation which can stabilize the mind, calm emotions, and provide optimal physical health. Basically, helping us reconnect with our Golden self.

What's Worth Doing?
When we have 100% energy, and an infinite number of ways to use that energy, one question comes to mind for me. What's worth doing to engage that energy?

Technique of Language for Identification of Internal Patterns
Words and language are the 'budding' of our thought patterns. When we start observing and consciously choosing our language, the recognition of how we speak, of the impact we have on others, and eventually the source-thoughts come progressively into our awareness. Instead of just using language to define our perceptions, language becomes a tool to create perception.
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