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Karma Yoga: Subjective and Objective Perspectives of Reality
The only relationship you ever have with reality is the one you have with yourself. Everything a person sees is a reflection of their own light of perception, except distorted through their own personal filters of learned biases, social conditioning, familial indoctrination, religious brainwashing, and educational training. We tend to see a myriad of external objects, feeling totally separated from them. When a person reacts to external stimulus, they lose power. Addressing and removing the trigger of unconscious reactions retrieve energy, pulling it back to our source, and becomes available for more conscious use.

The Power of Being Open
Hiding from personal pain is a real waste of energy, as the pain still exists, and hiding from it exhausts the very resources needed to reach resolution. We can choose to hide from emotional and pyschological pain, to be closed about it, to be directly hit by it. Or we can choose to be open to that type of pain, which gives us strength to move with it, negating its effects. The centered calm which comes from being open allows many potentials and possibilities to be revealed for the self.

Enemies May Be Friends, Friends May Be Enemies
Our friends, the people who we normally engage and interact with on a day to day basis, are not really friends. The people we tend to spend our time with will support our unconscious habit patterns, support the likes and dislikes of our unconscious, patterned self. Also these people may be discouragements in recognizing and moving past one’s own unconscious patterning once one is ready to do so. In essence, our friends may become traps, either deliberately or unconsciously encouraging us to remain as we are. Friends can be the deadliest of enemies to personal growth of Consciousness.
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