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Hi there!

The quick and dirty introduction: I'm a 30something chick living in the wilds of Mississippi with four furry children and a significantly less furry wonderful husband. I've been practicing yoga -- solitarily and through studios -- for about 4.5 years now (some years more diligently than others.) My local studio is almost exclusively Vinyasa-oriented, and I love the playful, kinetic style.

I begin Yoga Teacher Training in one week. It will be a near-year process (200 hour curriculum, plus personal practice, practice at the studio, as well as assisting with other classes) and I'm very much looking forward to the journey.

What drew each of you to yoga?

I began yoga in desperation: I am the sort of person who internalizes all my stress, and was generally becoming an angry, miserable person because of it. At first, it was all about stress-reduction, and it was an excellent way to reduce the tension in my life. Soon after, I began to notice the transformative power yoga has, as I discovered amazing things about myself through my practice. My body has become an oracle of sorts to me, and I enjoy my time on the mat because it gives me the opportunity to face myself and the world with new eyes.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you (I really believe the English language deserves a word denoting You all aside from y'all.)

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